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3 Signs its time to Unplug

Feeling like a slave to life's circumstances? As a father, entrepreneur, and business owner with a full time career in health care I know this feeling all too well. Needless to say, I know that I am not alone. With the constant uncertainty and scarcity that the media pumps at us 24/7 365 it only compounds the necessity to feel like we need to stay busy. If you are a millennial, we feel the need to make a difference. It pulls at us. With all the great "make a difference" advertising our friends do on social media. This narrative sets the expectation in our minds that we should in fact, "keep up with the Jones's". For some, we say that it isn't a competition but subliminally the likes, shares, retweets, views, and hearts seem to give us an assurance that people actually care about what happens in our personal lives. Social Media is not inherently evil, there's a lot of great content available at your fingertips and on demand. However, I have 3 signs that I use as indications that it is time to unplug from social media.

3 Signs its time to unplug 1. You do more scrolling than posting. This is a sign that your creativity has been trapped in the ideas of other people. This is a mindset of a consumer and the first step to being caught in a very unproductive situation with your social. Remember, it's called social media for a reason! Interact with the content, like comment and share things. 2. You cannot get on your phone without being distracted by your social media pages. Do yourself a huge favor, log off. Disclaimer! I am not talking about the people who are getting notifications from friends or dms from people. 3. If you use social media as an escape from reality. Rather than dealing with the emotions of life by Journaling or other constructive means you tend to get on social media for a pick me up. Based on the nature of your social feed there are some content that could compound what it is that you are feeling. For example, if you feel worst after you read a comment. It's time to turn it off and call a real friend or speak to a counselor. I am not an expert on all the many ways to unplug from social but these are just a few red flags that tell me it's time to unplug. CoachKing1989 Make Real Change

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